Death Taxes and Money

Let’s talk about your money. Yes, let’s get very personal. Depending on where you fall on the social, economic ladder, this could be a fun conversation or one of utter frustration. If money is a source of angst, you need to read this book 20 times. More importantly, you need to take action on the training that you are getting.

First of all, money is easy to get with a job. Which is the program that most people are on.

Why is this the norm? Are rich people conspiring to keep you on your job? The top 1 % is out to get you?

None of that is true.

The simple answer is a lack of a real financial education based on results, not theory. Most people think personal finance is learning about stocks, bonds, the stock market, the DOW, and real estate investing. It all sounds fancy and cool. However, most of that is bullshit. Most of the people who are very knowledgeable about those money methods are broke or close to it.

Strange indeed!

Once you get a real financial education, your income and wealth are going to increase. This is an outcome-based education. Not something you learn to sound interesting at parties. Most of these investing training is missing one crucial element. Another thing before you start investing, you need to be debt-free. Unless you are buying rental properties, that is a business within its self.

More money faster.

Once you understand money getting more of it is easy. Chasing money for the sake of money is terrible. Very bad.

Money is a by-product of service. The more excellent your service, the more money you will bring in. This equation never changes. If you are not serving many people, your income will reflect that lack of service.

Another reason people are not getting real financial education is the comfort factor. Most people want to be comfortable. Take it easy. Go on vacation. Not work too hard, which is a very human thing. Most of us are wired that way, and it will take some serious personal development to change those systematically ingrained tendencies. That is what this book is for to wake your sleepy ass up.

What if I told you there was a better way?

Having a job is not the best way, and it is a wealth-building killer. Yes, the longer you have a job and not a career, the lower your chances of getting financially free.

Careers can make you financially free. Look what a few terms in Congress have done many long term politicians. They go in a regular person and leave millionaires. That is what happens when you have a – career. Your money keeps going up.

Most people have jobs, and only about 10% of the population has a career. To be upwardly mobile in the job-based world, you need to have a business/career, not a job.

I understand you may have to play that game for a spell. We all do what we got to do until we can do better.

This is the thing about a job.

Regardless of how hard you work or how much you sham ( a term from the military for slacking off), your pay is the same. That puts you in a horrible position from day one unless you are a commission salesperson your high level of effort doesn’t directly financially benefit you.

There is another element of getting a job. You and your employer are playing a game of chicken. You are trying to get as much money as possible. Their goals are to get you for the least amount they can. This is why many jobs will ask you how much you made at your last post, so they don’t offer you too much. Don’t hate the playa. Don’t hate the game. Learn the fucking rules so you can win.

First of all, with that job comes one of the most significant expenses you will have in life.


The only way you can influence how much taxes you pay is by starting a business. This is one of the things your parents never knew about money. The goal is to end that game or add to it a method of controlling your taxes.

Pretty hard to teach what you don’t know. So don’t be mad your folks did the best they could.

Most parents did not know this, so most of society does not know this. Today my friend is the first leg of your true financial literacy. The goal here is to make you one smart motherfucker about money.

How to get it, how to keep it, how to stack it, and how to make it work for you.

The first set is to make yourself attractive to money. Which means have as many viable skill sets as possible. Right now, we have people who are living in their cars and jobs that are going unfilled that pay $150K-$300K. I know that is a crazy disconnect.

The people who are living in their cars are short on viable skill sets. That is the thing that most people do not understand when discussing income inequity, which is really skillset inequity.

Remember that whenever someone is talking about income inequity. First of all, reading this blog may make you an asshole. It is going to change your thinking and behavior about money. Most people have large buckets of typical behavior regarding money.

People with jobs are buying cars and homes they cannot afford. Sure they can make the car payment and the house note. However, if something goes wrong, the financial pressure will ratchet up tremendously.

The typical American financial behavior is to have taxes coming out of your check, to have a car payment and rent to pay or a mortgage. These payments take up most to almost all of your money.

That is a problem.

You are caught up in a financial whirlwind. Helplessly adrift until you found this blog to help you put your feet on the ground. The economic winds are swirling to keep you from becoming financially independent.

Another typical financial behavior is not to have any savings. Followed by more typical response is to use credit as an extension of income. Where you are spending your future income today, crazy when you think about it. When you looked at typical financial behavior, it is easy to see why most people never become affluent. The odds are against them from day one.

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