No, you can’t afford that car nor that house….

keys to new car

The mindset of the average American is one of being asleep. Mindlessly going through life. Letting things happen to them. Some people don’t let this happen. They have lives of intent and design. Often these people are producers. They produce way more than they consume. In this scenario, you want to be a producer.

Have you ever wondered why even in the smallest of towns, people can pair up and have kids?

We are programmed down on the DNA level to want to be around each other. This is why solitary confinement produces mental issues. The human beast is an extremely social animal.

With enough time and attention, feelings, develop, and John has gotten Jill pregnant, and they get married. Then they buy a house and a few cars. The start of the American Dream. However today there are many hiccups to gaining the American Dream

That is the system, and it worked for a long time until the world got very competitive. It started here as the great American Experiment.

There cannot be two Americas in the world, consuming as much as we do. This is why Trumps make America great again, and Brexit resonates with people. The issue is America is great as it is; however, the rest of the world is catching up. People are feeling the pressure of everyone wanting what Western countries have had for decades—the excess. Most of the world is poor. I mean, we don’t have clean water to drink poor.

White people are threatened because it is not as – easy- as it use to be to have the American dream. Essentially the problem is American has gotten fairer and more equal.

The system is no longer rigged for white people, and many are mad someone has taken their milk and cookies. Today everyone has to compete, and that is a throwback notion. There is still a ruling class where that is not the case, and it is just much much smaller than it use to be.

The typical American looks at financial accountability as a burden versus liberation; don’t be this person. Let’s discuss why you can’t get ahead in life in the new America. It is a systematic and socially ingrained situation. There are many agents in the Matrix that support this wildness that is not good for you and your finances.

Take student loans. The brainwashing and indoctrination start very early.

Thinks about it would you give a kid with no income $100K or even more? The answer is a robust hell no. I do think if these kids could get that money to launch businesses, they would be much better off.

One of the reasons most people cannot acclimate money is most people spend all of their money on their lifestyle.

It is said the average American cannot come up with $2000 cash within 30 days for an emergency. This is the ordinary American life. No one bats an eye at this fact because it is so common.

Spend. Be a consumer, not a producer. This is the thinking that will make sure you have no money for retirement!

This is the most typical American financial behavior, which is supported by even the government! Yep those FHA loans were designed to keep people in economic servitude for many decades. The government is a massive agent for keeping this financial fuckery going.

You are using credit to extend your financial circumstances. If you are making $40K something a year but your car payment is $660 a month. Wait, let us do that correctly. The monthly cost of your car is all of the money spent to keep it on the road, which includes insurance, gas, and maintenance.

So that is $660.00 plus $150 insurance plus $300 for gas, so the actual cost of impending ownership is $1110 a month, which goes up whenever you have a repair.

So out of that $40K, something minus taxes comes down to $32,000 a year divided by 12 is $2666 or $1333.33 every two weeks.

So that 1110.00 represents over most of one check that you are getting and pair that with the average rent $1405 or mortgage $1022 that does not leave you much for getting rich. To become affluent, you will need some economic bullets, also known as dollars plus financial leverage.

Which is compound interest or accelerated income, starting a business is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your income. If not, the only method available to the average man.

For most people, accelerated income is the way to go unless you start investing in the market when you are 10. The stock market does work as an investor with the element of time. You will need decades of dedicated and consistent investing to make it as a buy and hold investor.

However, if you want to play the game a little differently, you can become a trader. These people don’t give a damn about any company. The only thing they care about is the ebb and flow of market cycles. Traders are like surfers look to catch and ride the wave without wiping out. Trading is risky, but it is one of the ways you can speed up the process.

As you can see, playing the game, the typical American way is not going to put you in the winner’s circle. You must deviate from the program with reckless abandon. Doing it the standard way the math is against you at every corner.

This is why the tiny house movement and living in a van movement has caught on big time. That is the one only ways some people can win in this economy, without a dedicated call to make more money

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